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Quote of the Day: Thomas Fuller


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1 hour ago, maddmaxx said:

Good thinking from the father of the brushback.

You beat me to it. He probably came upon that wisdom after he got caught in a sudden storm going door to door selling his brushes

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8 hours ago, Inspiration Bot said:

"In fair weather prepare for foul."

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That can be expanded by the simple Boy Scouts motto, "Be Prepared" - and that applies to being prepared for unusually fair weather.

When I had students who would ask me when, in their lives, were they ever going to use chemistry or physics I'd point out the applied mathematics and tell them, "You never know when a good career opportunity will present itself, but you won't be able to take advantage of the opportunity if you don't have the skills needed for it.  So make sure you learn communications skills in English classes, how local laws work in Social Studies, as much math and science as you can handle, etc. so you'll be prepared to benefit from those opportunities."

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