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bike work question


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Taking apart the old steel frame I found recently.
Going to strip and paint the frame as well as a few simple updates/overhauls.

The crank uses 8mm hex bolts, covering the square taper.
I have the BB and crank puller for the bike but am having a bitch of a time removing the drive side hex bolt!

Is it opposite threaded like the crank itself should be?

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The hex bolt is a standard thread, but the BB cup on the drive side threaded opposite. On an older BB like that things can get corroded in. Shoot it with some PB-Blaster and let it soak for a couple of days then use a flat head punch or another bold to tap on the stuck bolt to break the threads loose.

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It's actually a six speed friction.
I figure I would replace with an indexed unit. I am even considering a 7 speed update.
not sure it's worth the money on the bike right now.

The bike will end up being my campus commuter. The university is five miles from the drop and ride parking garage. My classes are all across the campus. I plan on using a trunk/panniers set to hold my school supplies.

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Got the stripper on it now.



Oh boy, do we ever need you to post pictures of this!  And the bike isn't even finished yet! :nod head:


As far as the downtube shifter goes, if UB doesn't have the part (not likely!) I have a stem-mounted friction Suntour shifter along with a Suntour clamp-on front derailleur and a Fuji Vx rear derailler I can send you.  Original parts on a six speed, but I put a seven speed freewheel on the back and it worked ok.  If you're interested I can send you some pictures.

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Did I ever mention how fricken awesome you guys are?

Progressing smoothly. I steel wooed the frame and sanded down a few spots with mild rust. For the age of this frame it is remarkable how good of shape it is in.

Etched and applied two coats of rattle can primer.

I picked PPG midnight black, I had some from another hobby, as the base. Gonna warm up the HVLP spayed and do the first few coats tonight.

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