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CoWorkers are Ascared of Me

Mr. Beanz

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Well that is what my boss thinks. He's the shorter petite engineer type with an attitude. The other day he was arguing with people form the assembly area about repairing some parts. It was not a  pretty scene and I was actually a little embarrassed to have to side with him but the parts did need repair.


So the next day another issue came up. He and I walked yup to the assembly guy and I said, oh man, "I know it's extra work for you and I hate to do this to you but this has to be fixed."


The guy responded, "no problem, we'll jump right on it!".


You should have seen my boss's eyes bulge out of his head. On the way back to the lab he said,"those guys didn't even argue with you, they just agreed and said OK. Then he said " I think they are afraid of you cause you are like this big FBI agent approaching them and they get scared. Me, they argue with me about everything but you, they just hop to it!


Funny but really, they just help me out cause I help them out whenever I get a chance. I always shout "wassup!" and if I see them lifting something, I'll say "lemme help you" then give 'em a hand.


Of course I have had a few say, "I bet if you got pissed, you could really rip somebody apart". Well yeah, but I'm a nice guy! :)


My boss, he spends all his time trying to prove he's smarter than everyone so they dislike him and his advice and it's real hard for him to get others to play along.


That is my story of scaring people!  :lol:

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