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4 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

And smart fones don’t help. Turn your fone sideways to look at the photo and the fone turns it sidewirds agin.

I usually keep mine in locked portrait mode to stop the incessant flipping!  Once in a great while I want landscape and just have to manually unlock it briefly, and I am ALWAYS sorry later if I leave it unlocked, specially when using Google maps in the car since I don;t have a holder and I just lay it on the seat.  I 'spose I should get a holder for navigational use. But I want one where you don;t need to put a knob on the back of your phone.


I am still too lazy to move my stuff over to the new to me 7s from my daughter - still comfortable with the old 5, but it is insecure I 'spose.

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