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Wrapping packages...Are you a peeker?


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I am sending out a little holiday spirit this year...got 3 or 4 boxes to get in the mail..heck maybe 5...

2 are ready... Gotta wrap stuff for the 3rd one

Good Grief...I wanna get the box of wrapping paper out of my living room!!

As I am wrapping...I am reminded of creative packaging techniques I have done over the years.. I didn't have a box for the hammer I was buying my mom..and damn..heavy on one end.... So instead of actually wrapping the entire thing...I just molded the paper around the hammer head..and put a ribbon on the handle and tucked it under the tree..a few weeks before Christmas...I came home the next weekend...and my mom had to report she had already used her "gift"...LOL she didn't unwrap it for several months until the paper started falling off!!  Or the platter I got my sister...I got a pizza box..and when she asked me what it was..I told her a pizza..if you looked closely..you could see the image of a pizza through the paper....kept her thinking for a few days!!

Me....I was a peeker for many years :whistle:

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