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All-Clad in garbage ****now with brassiere poll!


Do you wear a brassiere  

5 members have voted

  1. 1. Well?

    • Yes!
    • Of Course!
    • C
    • Decidedly so and Pepsi sucks.
    • This is a trick question, they all suck the same.
    • What does it matter, you are not even a real robot
    • No, well, yes actually
    • Yes, but I cut holes for my nipples to show through.

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 She stinks, you should just throw yours away if you have any and not wear it.

Image result for garbage mini dress

Actually, it looks nicely enough, but the handle ergonomics are the worst in the world, just seriously bad.  They didn't even bother to half-ass it, they just did whatever was easiest for them.  Horrible effort, really, how they sucker people into buying it is anyone's guess.

Btw, I realized that mini skirts are a bit risque for short chicks to comfortably reach things on the top shelf but I  get a bird's-eye view of "what is happening" if you know what I mean.  I am not a particularly short guy, but I am not overly tall either (5'10').  I think a brassiere is really just a luxury, I don't know anyone that has actually used one, ever, so why wouldn't you just not automatically add one to every wardrobe?  This would allow the blouse to be lowered a bit for the shorter folks.

The end.

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Just now, Page Turner said:

...OK, I voted option C.  BTW, anyone who is cutting nipple holes in bras they wear is a pervert who lacks the class to invest in the really expensive lingerie that makes cross dressing so pleasurable.

What if I they have odd shaped nipples that do not match?  Asking for me a friend.

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1 hour ago, jsharr said:

What if I they have odd shaped nipples that do not match?  Asking for me a friend.

...you don't go chopping up a $250 bra from Victoria's Secret out of some need for personal comfort.  You just don't. :angry: If you have mismatched nipples, you should be shopping from the J.C. Penny's catalog.



According to Elsa, this year's bra has a true "90's vibe," which she loves. "It’s just very cool, very simple, modern, and so sparkly," she recently told People. "If I would have designed it, it would have looked just like this. I put it on and I was like, ‘It looks like someone just made magic and put it on my body.'"


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