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Is calling all orientals 'chinamen' racist?


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Why would insulting an entire race of people make you laugh grasshopper?




 "I got some bulgogi from that chinaman for lunch"  You don't find this funny?  


Does calling other orientals chinamen insult real chinamen, or those from other countries?

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Most Chinese folk I know are some of the most racist people you'd ever want to meet.



Agreed.  I worked in a chinese company for a year when I lived in SF.  They hated everyone, but they appeared to hate negroes the most, according to my chinese friends.


I learned to to call people horny monkeys and farting pigs in cantonese, that was great when you needed their help on something and they wouldn't give a crap.  Of course, if you could help them, they found enough english to convey their message.  

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