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Here's Why You Should NEVER EVER Buy a Cheap BMW.


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11 hours ago, Couch_Incident said:

Yea, I agree.  He can't make that much from the channel.  But, I think he has other business interests which support his horrible car buying habits.  


Just saw a “PSA” of his on Counting Cars. How to get a better idea of the condition of a potential purchase before driving a long way. 

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Years back I bought a 5 series BMW, it was about 12 years old when I bought it.

Huge mistake, it ran on hundred dollar bills, when it ran at all. I didn't own it long.

My 19 year old son was taking my 14 year old daughter to dance class in the Beemer, a drunk in an over loaded work van ran a stop sign and T-boned them, hitting directly into the drivers door.

They bounced off a retaining wall and a utility pole and came to a stop still on it's wheels.

The drivers side window exploded into Jason's face, and the drivers side footwell was crushed down to about 10 inches wide.

That car was built like a tank, if they had been in our other car, an Oldsmobile Cuttlass, I'm pretty sure there would have been much, much worse injuries. Jason carries scars on his face, Annie got a bump on the knee.

So the Beemer was one of the worst cars I have ever owned, but on that day it was worth every penny I had spent and more.

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