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  1. _____

    Hot off the presses

    Yes, but you forgot these 2.
  2. _____

    The Kirby of my dreams

    Yes, this is the American version of strawberries and cream.
  3. _____

    Thoughts on squirrels

    Same for me.
  4. _____

    I really hope this is the end for Serena.

    Incorrect. Much better than the men's right now.
  5. _____

    I really hope this is the end for Serena.

    When are you coming to Greenville to hide from your wife? There's a safe room off of the bonus room above garage.
  6. _____

    Your avatar is disturbing

    Your avatar is quite nice now. Should I change mine? I do not think Gloria Swanson gets the love she deserves for being a great actress. Sunset Boulevard is a classic.
  7. _____

    Your avatar is disturbing

    They were a flawed couple in many ways but had a great love for each other. Now they eat grape pies together daily.
  8. _____

    Your avatar is disturbing

    I know she did.
  9. _____

    Where is that idiot Jsharr?

    Where are the pics of Romeo's ear? @jsharr @JsharrsDisgruntledAunt
  10. _____

    I really hope this is the end for Serena.

    You can't even spell her name.
  11. _____

    Where is my phone?

  12. _____

    I really hope this is the end for Serena.

    I repeat, no tennis courts or impropriety of any kind. You must take out the garbage 3 times a week and not listen to loud rock and roll music.
  13. _____

    Thoughts on squirrels

    Not the best in your series.