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  1. I just arrived to the Cafe and gave you a like.
  2. You understand our friendship is purely based on the occasional Rascal picture, yes?
  3. So Jsharr and Page, you two weasels can find the time to like each other's tripe but not my post? Jsharr your boots look Oklahomaish and Page you're more like an Asheville hippie than the real weird Portland%Seattle hippies.
  4. I didn't want to bring it up, but Kirby's thread was inspiring. Many times when you post pics, there you are in your Target clearance sale ensembles. You post pics of your adorable pets surrounded by furniture not fit for Goodwill. I find this odd since most of you really excelled when you chose your spouse. Then there's the color of Wheel's new car, please don't get me started. I need you to shape up or shape out. Goochie, goochie, Cheese
  5. @RalphWaldoMooseworth gets Charo, Eva and Zsa Zsa Gabor, and Pia Zadora confused. I do not which makes me the Cheese I am today.
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