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  1. it's not blurring anything. it's not any kind of bicycle
  2. Reverend_Maynard

    The ebb and flow of body weight.

    Good to hear things are progressing well... my own progress has slowed, which is to be expected as you get closer to your goal. However, I did a decent job last week of not letting everything go to crap while I was at a client working long hours, with donuts, pizza, etc. available in mass quantities. Despite the weight not changing much, I feel like the body transformation continues, as my waist/stomach seems to shrink and muscles grow, thanks to my pull ups, push ups, and sit ups.
  3. Reverend_Maynard

    The ebb and flow of body weight.

    Good to see you are at least holding serve. Backsliding can be demoralizing... I have been doing well with my general reduction of calories/increase in exercise... Down 20lbs since beginning of July, 36 since February.
  4. Reverend_Maynard

    The ebb and flow of body weight.

    enough said
  5. Reverend_Maynard

    The ebb and flow of body weight.

    you can't stress over daily movement... maybe you just need to drop a deuce? I pick one day of the week, same time, same circumstances, as much as possible, and that's the official weight. You'll go crazy trying to rationalize daily changes.
  6. Reverend_Maynard

    You or Your Spouse/Better Half

    Yeah. Me, no contest.
  7. Reverend_Maynard

    The ebb and flow of body weight.

    I keep telling myself I'm not a runner, and not to overdue it, but I just don't feel beat up by it, so I keep adding a little more, and a little more... The 5 mile run, I set out to do 5k. This was my first run without any planned rest interval, so just doing 1/2 hour non-stop would have been progress. But when I got to 5K I said to myself, "Am I a wimpy European, measuring my run in Ks? No, I'm an American damn it and we measure in miles!" And I found that I was able to just get into a zone and not worry about how long I had gone or how much was left. I don't want to waste my own time doing less than I could, when I really want to be doing more. I don't have a lot of patience for long term plans. :)
  8. Reverend_Maynard

    The ebb and flow of body weight.

    Great job so far, Dottles... You're diet sounds pretty radical, but I'm glad it's working for you. Diet is definitely the greater part of losing weight. My diet is mostly just to eat less of stuff, rather than cut out stuff for the most part. Sure the highest fat/calorie stuff like ice cream and fried foods get cut out almost completely, but most other stuff I just eat a lot less of. Ice cream and beer are probably my 2 biggest weaknesses... Right now I am limited to 1 beer per day, and only on days when I exercise at least 1 hour. Ice cream I just don't buy so it's not available to easily cheat. I've been running pretty much everyday (or walking on the mornings that I ride after work) and am up to a 35 minute (approx. 3.5 miles) regular run, and have done 5 miles on the treadmill last weekend and 6 miles outside with hills this Sunday. Those would be the longest I've ever done in my life. :) Also started doing push ups, pull ups, and sit ups the last couple weeks. You really don't realize how week you've become until you start up on those again. :D And the soreness... But, it's all paying off! Down 6 pounds this last week (which was really make up for the 2 prior weeks of almost no movement) to get back under 200lbs (199.4) once again. Still about 25 more to go... Keep up the good work!
  9. I was trying to come up with Aleve, which is naproxen...Sorry.
  10. hedge your bets... take advil in the morning, tylenol for lunch, and motrin at night :)
  11. Reverend_Maynard

    Are You Curved?

    I was also dumbfounded when I first saw the commercial. I actually had to rewind to make sure I saw what I thought I saw.
  12. Reverend_Maynard

    When was your last physical?

    28 years or so for me, when I was 18. I did have some abdominal pain issues a couple of years ago, so I got my vitals checked and whatnot, but that's about the extent of my dr visits (other than a couple ERs for stitches or burns in my 20s). It's probably stupid, but the most likely place to pick up an illness is at the Dr's office or hospital, so I avoid them as much as possible.
  13. Reverend_Maynard

    I just had a crown come off. What do I do?

    I have had it happen. Don't use super glue if you want to get it professionally fixed. A tiny bit of denture cream will hold it. I had it reinstalled (all ceramic as far as I know) for pretty cheap, if not free.
  14. Reverend_Maynard

    Will you be watching the tour?

    Nah, only the drug test results really count.
  15. Reverend_Maynard

    2018-07-05 Birthdays

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone. I'm not one to celebrate being another year closer to death, but I acknowledge that you mean well.