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  1. 1/16/21 - 11 mile hill training ride 1/17/21 - 14.5 mile mtb ride
  2. I'd have to go with the North/South trail ride this year that we attempted to stretch into a century. Ended up with 93.1 miles, 5700 ft of climbing on my FS mountain bike, in 12 hours overall time. Fortunately, I was in shape for it so didn't feel that bad. Unfortunately, we wasted too much time at the beginning waiting for slower riders and ran out of daylight to get the 100 miles. https://ridewithgps.com/trips/56790718
  3. Currently, in this thread, it seems to be posting normally.
  4. I have had the "stuck on saving" issue today. Clicking the My Unread link seemed to have worked (saw the thread with me as last posted and the star icon to indicate I have posted in the thread. Now, that same thread does not have the star, and I am not getting notifications, but my post is actually still there. :confused: ETA that the star is now back, but I know I did not receive notifications for new posts to that thread (about leaving the gym early)
  5. Mine look pretty good, if I do say so myself. I'm probably in the best shape I've ever been in and my legs look well proportioned, strong and toned, IMO.
  6. 1/9/21 - 15.5 mile mtb ride, 3.5 mile walk 1/10/21 - 3.7 mile walk, 13.1 mile hill training ride
  7. calling them the same batteries as 30 years ago and the same motors as 100 years ago is a gross over simplification. The level of refinement is huge, and they source most/all of their own parts so own the patents and production facilities. Also, due to the fact all their cars sold have been equipped with the sensors needed for full self drive and the software to collect real time data, they have a huge data advantage for teaching their self drive that no one else even comes close to. The big makers are of course going to move more and more to EVs. I'm betting that Tesla already has
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