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  1. Please buy this for me

    I'm not sure if related, but a lot of MTB rear suspensions have a separate cylinder from the actual shock. In at least one brand it's called the brain. I think it's used to vary the stiffness based on the attitude of the bike, so that the suspension becomes stiffer when going up a grade, to ease loss of pedal power.
  2. Which ride tracking app should I use?

    Battery life has not been an issue for me. Somewhere between 5 and 10% per hour of tracking, generally. Here's a link to a ride. https://ridewithgps.com/trips/16269811 Click the Metrics tab on the right side to see the moving time/total time, pace, etc. You can also attach photos to a ride, but I don't do that very often, so I couldn't find a ride that had those to link to.
  3. Which ride tracking app should I use?

  4. Which ride tracking app should I use?

    I prefer ridewithgps.
  5. So...our police chief just resigned....

    Diversity is great, isn't it?
  6. Hey Roadies

    Not sure why a $5 mirror isn't better.
  7. Take a ride with me - the log feature

    Can't really tell how tall the log is. If it's less than a foot down to the trail, it looks like something I would do. If taller than that, the risk/reward ratio starts to tip too for towards risk for my taste.
  8. A different kind of Mt. Washington run

    That part where the road is dirt must be fun on 23s, after already an hour or more of climbing that road.
  9. Fire at a local marina

    Wow! Hope they have insurance.
  10. So...if you liked Aliens and the Thing...

    I like Alien and The Thing, but I can't watch :23 movies at work.
  11. Well, I got the dreaded notice from Photobucket

    The thing with this is... I don't see any need to use photobucket for anything except 3rd party hosting. I guess if they are trying to cut down on their number of users it's a smart move.
  12. What is your Myers Briggs type?

  13. Is it ever too hot to ride?

    As others have said, I've had rides where the performance was lessened by the heat, for sure. However, I try very hard to not allow heat to be an excuse not to ride.
  14. Four inches + of rain last night

    I still think you're vastly overstating it. At current trends, it'll rise another .5C in 35 years. When I think "hotter weather", I'm thinking more than one or two degrees. You're religiously charting and comparing daily temps and weather phenomenon at your local weather station and can point to that data to show rising temp trends in your area? I'd like to see that, I think. Again, those warmest years on record are only minutely warmer than the previous record. Less than .1C hotter. That's not enough for a person to notice it's hotter.
  15. Four inches + of rain last night

    How do you know that? You have scientific evidence to point to? Does any of it point to an affect large enough for a person being able to notice there is more hot weather now than when they were a kid? I'm not arguing that there isn't global warming. What I'm saying is that it's so subtle, no one can possibly notice it without exhaustive comparative measurements. Saying that "hot weather is going to be the new normal" is vastly overstating the affect, IMO.