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  1. Reverend_Maynard

    NBA Playoffs

    I was giving you credit for actually having a reason to call out SW (team pride.) Otherwise, you were just being a dick. Given the method you chose to respond to me, I can see you were just being you.
  2. Reverend_Maynard

    Where did the term "Grease Monkey" come from?

    Not according to wiki... ETA: That'll teach me to just read google's blurb without going to the article. Apparently the above is urban myth. The wiki says they were invented for repairing coaches. It says the term monkey comes from... Because it's adjustable, it's always the monkey you need, I guess.
  3. Reverend_Maynard

    Where did the term "Grease Monkey" come from?

    I know this is a joke thread, but I'm guessing the term came from small children working in mills and having the job of climbing all over the machines greasing the various wear surfaces. Probably a very fun, safe job for a 10 year old to be doing.
  4. Reverend_Maynard

    Which Cog Do You Add?

    I would spread the range of the cogs as much as possible and go 1x12.
  5. Reverend_Maynard

    NBA Playoffs

    Some have to turn every discussion about sports into a dick-swinging contest. Don't dare offer any praise to your team, my team is better.
  6. Reverend_Maynard

    Mango munching...

    Is that what the kids are calling it these days?
  7. Reverend_Maynard

    Shooting from the hip

    Or in Monty Python..."Farting in their general direction"...
  8. Reverend_Maynard

    Shooting from the hip

    Is this a real technique?
  9. Reverend_Maynard

    Darn Cute!

    Cute, but they never should have touched it.
  10. Reverend_Maynard

    The Can Can!

    Yes, everyone does cans around here now. It's to the point where it's the opposite of what it was 10 years ago. If you were in a can back then, no one wanted to drink you. Now people avoid bottles.
  11. Reverend_Maynard

    What do you really suck at?

    I have quite a bit of that myself, but I think there's something even worse that I do... I do not put the tools and stuff away when a project is finished. This makes it such a PITA to find the tools I need for the next project, that new projects often don't get started because I don't feel like going through the process of finding the tools.
  12. Reverend_Maynard

    Dragging sound in grass

    I know. There's talk of pics being taken, but no pics in evidence. I think we're being scammed!
  13. Reverend_Maynard

    Just ordered another SSD

    You're talking about the Team Group one? Is there something you need to do to get that price? It says something about special combo savings...
  14. Reverend_Maynard

    Just ordered another SSD

    Interested in the results. Are you planning on trying to use some type of mirror copy to pre-load it so when you install it it just works, or will you load from scratch?
  15. Reverend_Maynard

    Took a chainsaw training class this weekend. - AMA!

    Can't see much of the technique, but it's hard to argue with these results... (probably just skip to the last 30 seconds or so)