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  1. Should We Just Use Common Sense or Imagined Facts?

    Who gets to decide what constitutes "common sense" and "real information"?
  2. What's The Over/Under On This One?

    I'm sure they need the lesson, after seeing the free pass foreigners generally get here.
  3. An ebike question for DH and others

    2 completely different things. Manufacturers are just looking to make a profit, making what sells. Refusing to buy because someone makes e-bikes is like refusing to buy a MTB from a company that also makes road bikes. Some might do that, but not very many, and IMO that would be different than DHs tiff with IMBA. IMBA is a mountain bike advocacy group. Them advocating for e-bikes is the equivalent of them advocating for road bikes, and refusing to advocate for trails/conditions that are not accessible to road bikes. By including advocacy for e-bikes in their mission, they open the door for every adversary to shut mountain bikes out on the basis that they are motorized transport, since e-bikes are motorized and fall under the umbrella of "mountain bikes". Many/most believe that the only way for MTBs to win/keep rightful access to areas that only allow non-motorized transport is to be clear that e-bikes are not mountiain bikes and are not covered under the advocacy efforts of that organization. Fot those, e-bikes threaten access for ALL 2 wheeled users.
  4. Do we have any fiction readers?

    I'm currently "reading" The Cycle of Arawn by Edward W. Robinson. Hadn't read anything by him before, but the whole trilogy was on sale at Audible for 1 credit. @ over 60 hours, that's a good bargain. So far I'm liking it quite a bit.
  5. Do we have any fiction readers?

    I recommend Robin Hobb. The Liveship Traders Trilogy is good epic fantasy with lots of pirates and scoundrels. Of course, I would start with the Farseer Trilogy if you think you might be interested in reading the entire Realm of the Elderlings story, but it is not essential to enjoying Liveship Traders, and you can always go back and read the first trilogy after. They are only very loosely connected., or seem so until you reach the final trilogy.
  6. Where did "Ride Against Traffic" ever get started?

    Well, how did you know where they were going? PS: I was gonna say that before I saw that you linked to that video.
  7. I've been wanting to ride this.

    That looks pretty cool. Maybe not cool enough for me to travel all the way there to ride it, but pretty cool nonetheless.
  8. Another pedal question (cleats)

    I must have misread your tone. Carry on.
  9. Another pedal question (cleats)

    You seem offended by my comments. I'm not sure why, but if you're looking for a fight, you're not getting it here.
  10. I think I am heading toward a job change.

    I hear ya. I've been training all week and Walmart greeter sounds pretty good right about now, salary be damned!
  11. Beer makes me sad

  12. Beer makes me sad

  13. Another pedal question (cleats)

    Not MTBers. Those old toe clips are a death trap for MTBing.
  14. And there you have it

    You can also try using a web archive service such as http://web.archive.org/ You can initiate an archive of a page through their site. I've never tried it with message board pages. There might be some reason it won't work.
  15. What exactly are we going to do when Wheels inevitably abandons us?

    I don't know, but my money's on this forum outlasting the old one.