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  1. They have, or used to, a premium plan that covers 100 miles, I think. Plus, they'll tow it anywhere, not just a AAA garage.
  2. Sounds like a personal question. I imagine that would be a good idea. Prevent the two parts from fusing together over time.
  3. I'm not an electrician, but I think most are wrong on this one. Because a 15 amp outlet won't let you plug a 20 amp device into it, you should be fine to run 15 amp outlets on a 20 amp circuit. However, by code, you are supposed to use the wire rated for the breaker, not the outlet (consider that you could run 2 10amp appliances off of one 15 amp outlet and not blow the breaker, so you have 20 amps running through the wire). So, you should either replace the wire (12/2) or the breaker (15 amp), the outlet is fine. ETA: A little googling seems to suggest that what I have stated is code in most places in the US. As long as there are multiple outlets on the circuit, you can use 15a outlets on 20a breakers. Wire must be sized to the breaker for all applications.
  4. All those cheesy, bolt on spoilers, scoops, and ground effects would loosen up, rub the paint off, and trap the salty water between them and the now bare steel. Not a good recipe for rust prevention.
  5. They are far too skinny!
  6. Is Mooseknuckle a person or a condition?
  7. I've thought about it. My father lived that lifestyle. But then it would be me on my bike against the practically unattended death wagons every single day. Not sure I'd survive it.
  8. I know. I get it. That recent movie Everest was about a group of pros and the tourists they were paid to get to the summit.
  9. Not that easy. Someone just died up there this weekend.
  10. I've pretty much given up road riding completely. my #1 reason would be cell phones and the resultant inattentive drivers. You could take every precaution possible and it won't do you a bit of good when some idiot with their face in their phone runs you over from behind.
  11. http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2017/5/21/15672316/nfl-marshawn-lynch-massive-oakland-bike-ride-raiders Looks like some fun was had.
  12. It's tough. I personally have mostly given up road riding in favor of MTBing. I'd rather take my chances, my skills vs. the terrain, rather than my flesh and bones vs. multi-ton projectiles of steel and glass. I probably get minor injuries at a much greater rate than I would on the road, but I think the chances of major injury/death are much lower. I know that doesn't help you at all. Not sure what I'd do in your case.
  13. Ugh. I once posted in the LF with the exact same title, very similar body. Bad memories... May there be a better outcome in this case.
  14. Those will complete virtually any outfit!