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  1. Nope. I've been dieting since 2/10... Down 50 lbs...
  2. I made this baked oatmeal last night, with about half the maple syrup called for. Had it for breakfast this morning with a dollop of plain greek yogurt,,, it was really good! Cut it into squares and froze most of it to thaw as needed. https://cookieandkate.com/baked-oatmeal-recipe/
  3. Has it occurred to you at all that they might be wrong again this time?
  4. I managed to lose the 40+ pounds without resorting to a tracker... I don't want to set myself up to fail, and putting in the time and effort to use a tracker is a sure failure point for me... If my system relies on my filling in a tracker or journal, I might as well quit now. What I'm trying to do is change my eating preferences such that I can eat pretty much whatever I want, in whatever quantities, and not gain. For en extreme example, if you can train yourself to only want celery, you can gorge yourself on "anything you want" and actually die of starvation.
  5. Yes, I was referring to the high cholesterol content. Perhaps I am giving the med community too much credit, but could they really have been entirely, completely wrong about dietary cholesterol all that time they caused so much disruption to people's lives?
  6. Thanks for the reply... I've always been a generalist as well, and that's how i got to this point, having lost over 40lbs in the last 3 months or so. I've just found in the past that I tend to backslide and put it all back on. I'm trying a new approach to see if i can get to a point where I can eat what i want and not gain, which means changing what I want, I think. I'm hopeful I'll be able to find the right alternatives so that it's not a matter of discipline and willpower, but becomes a situation where the alternatives become the favored choice. Taking this approach stemmed from a discussion about maintaining a lower weight, and how I tend to reintroduce ice cream and beer, and they tend to escalate and then creep into other areas... I chose to keep beer and cut out ice cream, which lead to discussion of cutting all sugar. I agree that activity is important, though diet is really the number one thing, since it's so easy to eat more than you can possibly exercise away. I'm not sure I can realistically up my exercise from the 6 days a week, 20+miles of running plus 40+miles of mountain biking I've been doing, which is another reason I'm trying to make some more permanent, more radical changes to my everyday diet... I'm not sure I can keep up this level of activity forever. It's pretty time consuming.
  7. Yeah, i didn't see any other ones. I would have been fine with whatever cheapest brand, but they seemed to have only one. I will find a better source by next time for sure.
  8. I don't know that we have those... this is new to me so my radar has not been up.
  9. I think my goal at the moment is more to cut out added sugars, as opposed to all sugar. Whole foods like fruits and veggies are supposed to be fine. In most cases. their bulk will keep you from overdoing it.
  10. So, I'm approaching the end of a long weight loss period, and am once again looking at trying to maintain, something I haven't been very good at. One way that was suggested to me that makes sense is to try to cut out added sugars from my diet. I've already been avoiding obvious culprits like candy, ice cream, sweetened drinks, etc., and now the focus is on some of the less obvious things. My first areas to focus on are breakfast and desert. For breakfast, I've been having mostly some type of granola bar for bulk and some added fruit through the morning to keep me topped off... But those bars actually have quite a bit of added sugar, so I'm looking at other things.... Hard boiled eggs are good, but should probably be limited to twice a week, tops. So, I've decided to try steel cut oats. I just picked up some today at my regular grocery... Holy hell, those things are expensive! $10.49 for a 28oz tin! For desert I've been having greek yogurt with some cereal mixed in for crunch... but the fruit on the bottom yogurt and the sweetened cereal end up with as much sugar as a true desert would have... so i'm switching to plain greek yogurt, with my own added fruits, nuts, etc. and/or non-sweetened cereal... I know we have a few healthy eater types here... any tips or tricks you'd like to share?
  11. getpocket merely republishes articles. this one is from BBC Future. all the claims are cited and linked to scientific journals
  12. BTW... that pocket plug in can make any article look like this... neat, clean, white on black text... Gets around the free article limits of NYT and others, too... I like it...
  13. hmmm... i get no popup ads... maybe because i have the pocket plugin for firefox.. " In a paper published in January 2019 in the journal Scientific Reports, a team of researchers at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST) and Kyoto University revealed some of the effects of fasting, which go way beyond just burning fat. By analyzing the blood of four young, healthy human participants after they fasted for 34 and 58 hours — whoa! — the team found 42 different substances whose levels increase while a person is fasting (as well as two that go down), only 14 of which scientists had previously detected in fasting humans. That means they discovered 30 substances the human body produces in large quantities during fasting that scientists didn’t know about. The fact that the body produces all these compounds, write the researchers, indicates that fasting jumpstarts a whole lot more metabolic processes than scientists had ever realized, some of which may have significant health benefits, including antioxidative defense — which may explain its supposed anti-aging effects."
  14. I think we have some intermittent fasters here... I thought this was interesting... https://getpocket.com/explore/item/japanese-fasting-study-reveals-complex-metabolic-changes-in-the-human-body
  15. I think this article just changed my mind.... https://getpocket.com/explore/item/why-vitamin-pills-don-t-work-and-may-be-bad-for-you
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