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  1. What exactly are we going to do when Wheels inevitably abandons us?

    I don't know, but my money's on this forum outlasting the old one.
  2. One reason to drink bottled water

    Is that an American? I can't tell.
  3. I'm sort of freaking out.

    Too late to build fitness for the metric, obviously. If you survive, you should be good to go for the century. I'd plan at least a metric for the next 2 weekends as final prep for the century.
  4. The Knee Killer

    I've also seen chicken wire used for traction on wood features. Works well, though I wonder how long it will last.
  5. Hey, that's an improvement for me!
  6. I looked through some of my older notifications and see the same thing...
  7. Golden design

    I have seen him, but it was several years ago now.
  8. IT

    I have seen IT. I thought IT was pretty good. I found the digital effects do a better job of conveying the horror of the original story (as written in the book) than the earlier TV version.
  9. It doesn't matter the source of the dog, it might be a basket case. The attitude you refer to seems to stem from the idea that getting a pet is akin to having a child. Once you pass a certain point, you're supposed to be committed, the same as if you had a human child. Giving it up for adoption because it has more issues than you expected is frowned upon.
  10. A case for living close to services

    The area I live in sounds similar to Wilbur's. 3 "Super" size grocery stores, plus a few smaller ones, all within 5 miles or so. All the state services also within that same area. However, there are MTB trails within 15 miinutes, and about a dozen trail centers within 1 hour drive.
  11. Taking One For The Forum

    Where does one find the current, site-wide post count?
  12. Are you a germaphobe?

    No. I rarely consider such things. I wash after using the bathroom and before cooking, but often forget to before eating. I pretty much never wipe down surfaces before touching.
  13. Taking One For The Forum

    Is the 500,000 posts for the whole site, or just the cafe?
  14. Thinking about changing things up..

    You've probably read this since it was a top google hit, but this article seems fairly balanced... https://paleoleap.com/long-fasts/
  15. Thinking about changing things up..

    It's good that you are being sensible about it. Personally, I don't think the benefit is worth the risk. After all, I'm fairly sure that, up to a certain point, fat people live longer than skinny people.