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  1. When I was young I worked at a full service gas station with a tow truck. When I was real inexperienced I went and picked up an old car that a guy wanted to restore and needed moved. It didn't run. So, not really knowing any better I never did a walk around to check the car in any way. I was slowing down for a stop light when I see this tire go bouncing past me and into the intersection. I just thought, "Oh. Would you look at that." before realizing where it came from. A car hit it and we had to repair his fender.
  2. Rick5234


    That would be me. But I'll probably never go there, so it's not something I'll ever have to worry about. I hope...
  3. The game was awesome. So was the Ram's game.
  4. Rick5234


    Yup... it's all fun and games until the big one hits. Then you're screaming like a colicky baby with a bad diaper rash.
  5. I thought this was the most watched... Meatballs, the hard way.
  6. Rick5234

    I'm married so

    Looks good. Recipe?
  7. Yes, absolutely. Leery of what exactly?
  8. Yeah... I've never done that.
  9. At least you hadn't already put it on and started looking for it.
  10. She said someone dumped her, someone else found her and dropped her off at the Vet where my daughter-in-law works. That was 8 weeks ago. The last pic is her now. Said she is a sweet dog, lots of energy, and always in what she described as scavenger mode. She doesn't like the crate training. Her name is Korra.
  11. I like the Browns and the Rams, so yes, I was happy. And let's not forget about Ohio State. That game was awesome!
  12. He probably did that by giving them copies of lien waivers.
  13. You should think about it. It's a simple thing you can do to protect yourself. Shit happens. Especially since he's billing you every month.
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