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  1. Rick5234


    Do you need a new one? https://mailchi.mp/3ec831403a7f/60-off-helmets-184671?e=c6b2833a0e
  2. Rick5234

    Did Parody Bot Get "Retired"?

    Lets hope so...
  3. Rick5234

    It's going to be a long day

    Well... if that's the worst that happens to you today you're doing good.
  4. Rick5234

    Demotion and inevitable downgrade of RG as our forum cad

    That's what I said...
  5. Rick5234

    Demotion and inevitable downgrade of RG as our forum cad

    He has a kid now. That will scare the bejeezes out of anyone...
  6. Rick5234

    I’ll say it again: “The old bastard was right....”

    Buy a wood chisel.
  7. Rick5234

    roly poly snake heads

  8. Rick5234

    Today's watch.

    That's not a watch. Does it tell you when you get a text message? Does it count your steps? I hope you kept the receipt.
  9. Rick5234

    roly poly snake heads

    eat em up, yum.
  10. Rick5234

    So. Should I go to my reunion?

    I didn't like high school at all. I went to two reunions, my 10th and 20th I think. I won't go to anymore.
  11. Rick5234

    Senior moments

    You were off by 12 hours?
  12. Rick5234

    Senior moments

    Ha! And you all thought I was worthless.
  13. Rick5234

    White meat tastes like dry, unpleasant death

    Do you use a meat thermometer? That looks pretty good btw. I'm going to have to try that.
  14. My sister was raising three cows a while back. Their names were breakfast, lunch, and dinner.