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  1. Rick5234

    the official snow report thread

    We got about 8" or so and drifting. I made a mess out of my driveway because my tractor wouldn't push it. Especially at the end of the drive where the road plows throws all the heavy snow and road debris. My dog had a good time trying to figure out how to poop in it.
  2. Rick5234

    NFL Divisional Round Weekend (Official)

    I'm worried about the Rams too. They have been beaten by tough NFC teams this year. Not that I consider Dallas that tough.
  3. Rick5234

    NFL Divisional Round Weekend (Official)

    Chiefs Rams Chargers Saints
  4. The kid I work with is 25 and in his first job out of college. He's already thinking about, and planning for retirement. He's more realistic than the guy you're talking about. He's saving a good portion of his check to 401k, plus saving into the health care account which he want's to have around when he retires. I don't think he has numbers worked out as far as what he wants to get every year after he retires, or at what age he wants to retire, but he's definitely thinking about it and planning. I'm like you, I wasn't thinking about that back then. I remember the managers telling us to save at least 10% of our pay for retirement. Not only could I not afford to do that, but I figured I had a lot of time before I had to worry about it. Now I wish I had listened a little more.
  5. Rick5234

    I would like some fresh dog pics, please.

    My kids thought it'd be a good idea to get me a dog for Christmas. Meet Zoey...
  6. Rick5234

    6 years ago tday (more memories for RG)

  7. Rick5234

    6 years ago tday (more memories for RG)

    Wow... that was 6 years ago?
  8. Rick5234


    I just went through that last week. I tried to avoid it by doing th ecologuard test, but when it came back positive, doc "strongly suggested" I do the colonoscopy. I didn't enjoy it at all. They removed two polyps, but I don't have the results yet.
  9. Rick5234


    It's coming...
  10. Rick5234

    Quote of the Day: Herbert Hoover

    Herbert Hoover was an idiot.
  11. Rick5234

    Gravel rash

    Bad year for blackberries here this year. They came in late and never really got big. I was able to get a nice bit of poison ivy along with the thorn scratches this year.
  12. Rick5234

    Guess what I made this weekend.

    oh hell yeah! who wants smoke when you can see sparks?
  13. Rick5234

    Guess what I made this weekend.

    jeeze... back in my day I had to use a wood chisel and hammer. and i liked it...
  14. Rick5234

    Just bought a new house

    ah well.. you can walk on the trailers roofs. That will work. Hell, you can even stick a lawn chair up there.