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  1. Rick5234

    1 set of free pancakes & bacon strip -'nuff

    Check out the Hell's Belles thread. You'll like that.
  2. Her throat has got to hurt after a night of singing like that.
  3. Wait.... that wasn't the video I thought I was copying. I changed it.
  4. I'd probably enjoy that show.
  5. Rick5234

    Well, it's been nice knowing you all

    Change your screen name to Oh(io). That will throw them off for a while. They aren't real smart.
  6. Rick5234

    Major vibes for Mr. Aire

    wow... scary. Hope he heals quick.
  7. Rick5234

    Whirlpool appliance is not Sears strategy

    Yes you do. There's one in Boardman, which is closing soon, but there's a big one in Niles that's not slated to close.
  8. Rick5234

    Do you like my new dress?

    no. it needs to have bigger boobs. What?... it was a joke!
  9. Rick5234

    Lets hear everyone's opinion of rotisserie chicken

    I make my it myself. Love the cast iron pans.
  10. Rick5234

    Progressive lens glasses

    I never tried progressive, but I couldn't wear bifocals. I don't need glasses to see far away so I carry around my prescription reading glasses every where I go.
  11. Rick5234

    Why Is Some Stuff So Expensive?

    Considering it's location, that probably has something to do with it. Plus widening the road isn't cheap. We had one similar built a few years back that was said to cost a little over $2M and people were complaining about that. But, it didn't cost the tax payer anything extra because the park paid for it with grants, and their own money. I was glad to see it built, I use it all the time.
  12. Rick5234

    Hippy vets

    Maybe DH knows her.
  13. Rick5234

    LOL, those wacky Canucks

    I've done that. I walked up to a truck that was same model and color mine wondering why I wasn't hearing the door unlock when I pressed the button. I looked inside and saw stuff on the console that I didn't recognize. My first thought was, someone broke into my truck and left stuff... WTH?!
  14. Rick5234


    A while back I was at a new doctor, a specialist of some sort, an endodontist I think. I was filling out all the new patient paper work and at the end I had to sign saying that I agreed to their "whatever" policies for payment or something. But there was no said statement in the papers they gave me, so I didn't sign it before handing them the clipboard back. A few minutes later two of the office staff, or nurses, came out with a very stern/concerned look on their faces and asked me why I hadn't signed the form agreeing to their policy. I said what policy? Then they turned and both pointed to a frame hanging on the wall. I thought, WTF, why didn't I think of looking there?
  15. I never knew microwave poppers existed. I don't typically buy or eat popcorn.