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  1. Rick5234

    Chi Chis

  2. Rick5234

    Chi Chis

    didn't they close because of some sort of hepatitis outbreak at one of their restaurants?
  3. Rick5234

    My Baby

    Raccoons are vile creatures.
  4. Rick5234


    My ex-father in law: (great guy) The good lord put energy at the wrong end of life. I need glasses to find me glasses My father when we would be working on something and it didn't come out quite right: "A kid riding down the street on a bicycle will never see it." My mother: Stop that.
  5. I think what really irked me was the way he went about it. He asked me 'have you been updating the websites every night'? He was on his speaker phone, and there was probably someone sitting in his office, and I know he had to be there looking at the dates on the files, so he knew it hadn't been done in two days. Was he trying to catch me in a lie or something? I've lost a lot of respect for the guy recently for doing shit like that.
  6. Basically it is. It's a set of procedures that I run that updates literally thousands of products across 4 web sites. It takes about 20 minutes.
  7. Not being around her much I wasn't aware of you're situation. I'm sorry to hear... Best of luck...
  8. right... Yeah, I used to really like this guy as a boss, but I'm not sure how much I can trust him anymore. He has a real bad drinking problem and can never remember anything. We'll have a conversation about something we're working on and finish the conversation with him having to get more info from the VP or owner, then two day's later he'll come and ask me where we stand on it, making it sound like I dropped the ball. I've covered for him a few times, but I've stopped doing that.
  9. I'm REALLY beginning to dislike this place. Don't get me wrong, it's still not as bad as where I was at before here, but the eliteness (if that's a word), by management around here is off the charts. I'm supposed to update websites at the end of the day with new product and product quantity. I missed the last two day because I got busy. I was here until 6 last night fixing shit, but that's irrelevant. I guess someone ordered something that showed in inventory on the website, but we had sold out of it. oops... He and I are the only two that update the sites, and he did it before he passed it on to me. He never did it every night, and when I go on vacation, it doesn't get done. But now, (in your stern voice) "We can't control the weekends, but we HAVE to make sure this get's done EVERY night." There's more to the condescending attitudes and derogatory remarks around here, this was just the latest.
  10. Rick5234

    Dog food

    I fed my last dogs purina dog chow. It was about $23 for 48lbs. The dog I have now I've stepped up to Purina Pro Sport that I can get for $39 for 38lbs. So I was wondering what the difference was, that's how I stumbled on the reviews. But I guess my point was that they don't really give anything a passing grade unless it's around $70 for 25lbs. I guess there are some dog food snobs out there.
  11. Rick5234

    Dog food

    Apparently anything that costs less than $70 for 25lbs is not recommended. My poor dog... https://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/purina-pro-plan-sport/
  12. When I was little my mother would make home made sauce on Sunday's occasionally, but for an easy dinner during the week sometimes she would mix elbow macaroni with a jar of Ragu, hamburger and mozzarella cheese, then bake it. She called it Johnny mozzarella. It was good.
  13. I stay away from refurbished ink cartridges. All of our sales guys have an inkjet printer so I started getting the refurbished to save money. But the failure rate was too high. We were wasting money on unused ink, plus at times leaving the salesman unable to print. In the past I had one ruin the printer because it leaked ink everywhere. I will buy aftermarket toner, but never ink.
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