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Damn gingers!


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I guess they need to save money since there is no way to save their soul. 




A cheeky Scottish red-head claims to have saved hundreds of pounds in the high street - thanks to his home-made 'ginger discount card'. 

Richard Macrae, 30, from Aberdeen, was given the fake card by a friend for his birthday and he has successfully used it in bars, restaurants, cinemas and even with taxi drivers.

The comic book illustrator claims to have saved more than £200 and said he is constantly asked by people how they can acquire one too.


Do you accept my ginger discount card? Thrifty red-head saves hundreds of pounds using homemade ID

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If you can get past the crazy.


Every woman is crazy, it just depends on degree.  The same could be said for all people though, not just women in the PNW.  Not all crazy chicks are ginger, but all ginger chicks are crazy.


I think everyone should bang a ginger, just in order to get over the revulsion that comes from unfamiliarity.  By the way, I don't think all redheads are gingers.

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My friend is a crazy hot ginger.  


She is a core mountain biker with barbell piercings through her nips.  She gets wild with alcohol added too.  HAHA


I think we need pics of this ginger.  Tell her we are talking about her species, and we would like to learn more.

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