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Dennis! Do The Folks Who Solo Everest

Razors Edge

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18 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

There is a chance - a slim one - that Dennis #1 knows a person who has soloed Everest.  Hopefully, Dennis #2, though, will step up with an answer too!

I know there are dead people there.

I do feel that it would cheapen the whole experience having people hork your gear up, like it isn't really your accomplishment to get to the top sipping champagne while sherpas grunt-mule your old stack of Playboys up so you can jerk off later.

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Former NM Governor and POTUS candidate Gary Johnson has summited Everest. And the highest mountain on several continents. And Ironman triathlons. And marathons. 
I don’t know how he feels about the Sherpa v unsupported issue. I used to work with his sister. 

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2 hours ago, Razors Edge said:

I thought Jackson was jam packed with that sort of rugged outdoorsey type! Maybe ask the GF?

I'm sure she knows a bunch. Her friends have climbed damn near everything. Most of the climbers we know don't really talk about it much. They're pretty humble people. 

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21 hours ago, Razors Edge said:

PICK THEIR BRAINS!!!!  For the TEAM, Dennis!!!

My GF was a guide for many years so clients were her paycheck. I think you have clients that are great and some that are needy. They all have to have the skills otherwise you turn them away.

One asked, "What's your plan to get me up there?"

Her reply was "Skittles."

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