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Goat babysitting


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I haven't interacted with goats for a while.  I took a little nephew to the Demonstration Farm run by a 4H Club at Kinder Farm Park between Annapolis and Baltimore and he was invited to help the staff wash a little kid with a hose.  The alarmed mother poked her head through the wire case as in the picture below (all from the farm's website), but soon calmed down.

Jake and I walk past the demonstration farm about once every couple weeks.  He's used to the sheep, goats, cows, horses, hogs, chickens, etc. and doesn't try to run up to them anymore. The animals don't take much notice. Even the deer in the woods around the farm don't stop feeding on the grass when we walk by.  I guess they're all used to us.

Congrats To Kinder Farm Park Photo Contest Winners! | Pasadena 20190513-093629-IMG_4255%20%281024x768%29.jpg Friends of Kinder Farm Park

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