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Do you wonder if you will fall into an empty elevator shaft?


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Stop wondering, you probably will.




Man Injured After Falling Into Empty Elevator Shaft


Via WCBS 2


A grocery deliveryman was seriously hurt after falling into an empty elevator shaft yesterday in the Bronx.

He had just brought groceries to a resident on the second floor of 1160 Cromwell Avenue.According to WCBS 2, "The woman who ordered the groceries said the elevator door opened, but the car was not there."

The Fire Department says the man, who had a shopping cart with him, fell three stories and suffered head and chest trauma, as well as lacerations to his legs. He was taken to Lincoln Hospital in serious condition.


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My grandfather told me, as a kid, that he knew a guy who got caught in the elevator doors and it smushed him flat and he slipped down the little gap between the building floor and the elevator. I was afraid of closing elevator doors for YEARS after that.

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I have ridden am elevator by standing on the top of it where the cables are before... it is not as fun as one might think it would have been


Whats really fun and rickety are skip hoists. Noisey...shakey....cold....and run by operating engineers.

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