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Looks like tomorrow is a DIY day...


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I was just asked to rescue another fish from a fellow saltwater reefer. He is moving to FL and will not be able to take a few fish with him.. I said I would adopt his six line wrasse and put it my tank. 

Since the wrasse is a fish that likes to jump out of a tank and carpet surf, I want to try and avoid it by making a screen top for the tank. 


That would give me a nice couple critters for now.  including a conch, electric blue hermit crab, and 8 anemones


here are a few pics of my fish as of right now.  (not that you all care, but I'm going to show you anyways.)


My clowns


Pajama Cardinal 


Pair of Blue/green Chromis's


and my pygmy angelfish



here is what my soon to be adopted fishy looks like. 


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