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Do you token hand wash in the restroom?

Olas Nah

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Several years ago a co-worker told of a conversation in a restroom.


Guy starts to walk out without washing his hands.


Coworker: "Up north where I come from we learned to wash our hands after we pee."


Guy:  "Down south here we learned not to pee on our hands."  and he walks out.

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If I am going to wash my hands, I'm going to wash my hands.


Though I also don't make it a general habit of pissing all over them either.


And I despise air hand driers, so that's in automatic screw it.

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My junk is clean.  I still do the token wash if there is someone there, otherwise, I make sure I don't touch anything and leave.  If I have to pull the door, then I wash so I'll have a paper towel to open the door with.

I'll give you the same logic I once gave my brother over the same issue.


When I noticed he didn't wash after a pee, we had a conversation like this:


Me:  Didn't mom teach you to wash your hands after going to the bathroom?

Bro: Mom taught me not to pee on my hands

Me: So you're saying as long as you don't get pee on your hands (and your junk is clean) then it's ok not wash your hands

Bro: Yup

A few minutes later he sat down with a bowl of soup for lunch

Me: Using your logic, as long as my junk is clean, I could hang me junk in your bowl of soup and you'd still eat it, right?

Bro: Er...um....wait. Not the same thing.

Me: Ok, you'd hang your own junk in the bowl of soup if it was clean and still eat it, right?

Bro: Wait...maybe washing hands should be done after going to the bathroom.

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