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Not sure which is funnier...

F_in Ray Of Sunshine

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F ray, we need to teach you how to embed images. RR is good at teaching, maybe he'll help. 


For most images on the net with image extensions .jpg, .gif, .png, and so on, copy the image url you want to display.


From the new topic or reply to topic screens:



Paste the copied url here:




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To insert a saved snipped object or any saved image you want to download to the forum:



This allows you to select the file/image that you want to display.


After it uploads the image, you can add it to the post by clicking on the "Add to Post" option in the lower right part of the screen.



You can preview the post to see if the images are okay.


Submit or add reply.  Done.   :)

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When we upgrade image management is really easy.


Promises, promises.  OK, when we finally get the jacked up new fangled software, image management will be easy and SquareDude will be funny.



I don't believe either promise.

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