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Coffee - need advice


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I've determined from lots of research, online and asking friends, that the Chemex is the best way to brew coffee. 

Now that I've found the method, I need to know where to find the best coffee. 

Any opinions here? 

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That Chemex will break. Doesn't matter how careful you are. Replace it with the Melitta manual drip.

The only difference is the snob appeal. Nothing against that, but I got tired of replacing Chemex brewers.

Most coffee sold now is crap, even most of the expensive stuff.

So you will have to search. I can get you started.



Variations in type and roast call for different brewing times and such. I like a good Central American like La Minita, most consistent coffee estate in the world.... George Howell sells 2 Minitas. Don't bother with the cheap one.

I haven't tried buying direct from La Minita, but if I was still drinking coffee, I would.



Tarazzu demands a light touch. You need to use just enough beans, and avoid high temps and long brew times. Very easy to screw up, but very nice when you get it right.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Aeropress does a good job on more robust coffee. This even adds a new dimension to brewing, how hard you press.



There are some very good Ethiopan coffees, but consistency is a big problem for them. I've had reasonably good luck with George Howell's Ethopians.


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On 2/28/2015 at 9:33 PM, SpeedDemon said:

Now that I've found the method, I need to know where to find the best coffee. 

Columbia and Hawaii are supposed to have good coffee.

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Hawaiian is one of my favorite beans. When we visited the big Island, we went on back roads and found little road side stands like farmers markets that sold roasted beans and fresh coffee drinks. That was heaven. Hawaiian beans shipped to the states run $50 a pound. In coffee speak, “blend” is similar to “advantage” when shopping for Medicare plans. Blend means that only 10% of the package has to be Hawaiian beans. The rest can be from Bayonne NJ for all I know. 

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My coffee machine starts with whole beans. I've found one and only one coffee that works. Allegro brand Organic French Roast. I mix regular and decaf beans. I get it at Whole Foods or Amazon. I wait until they put it on sale, usually $2-3 off and then buy out the store. Our freezer in the basement is full of coffee.

The coffee machine makes an Americano. I set it to make two in one cup. I drink it black. Of all the things I consume in a day, my morning cup of coffee is the highlight. (Especially if it's in the sloth mug.) 

Screenshot 2022-01-12 082735.png

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On 1/12/2022 at 8:34 AM, SpeedDemon said:

I've found one and only one coffee that works.

Why?  Like, works flavor-wise or simply works in that coffee maker?

I have my go to coffee - Greenberry's (VA roaster down by UVA and sold at Costco) Vienna blend - and I have others like Peets or Mayorga that are big roasters & which get rotated in once in a while.  Add in a LOT of smaller roasters that I buy or get as gifts over time, and I really see a wide range of coffee taste and strength.  The Greenberry's is right in the middle - smooth and consistently tasty (to me).  

I say keep exploring.  Go with your tried and true, but try a day a week with another small brand. If it works, that's great. If it is not as good, it can still be mixed in with the normal beans to use it up.  If it is bad, toss it (or compost it?).  

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10 hours ago, SpeedDemon said:

The flavor is just the best. Very complex, yet simple. Just a beautiful coffee. 

I used to experiment. But when I'd hit upon a disappointment, it would be devastating for my morning. No need for that. I'm just keeping it simple. 

I hear you. When I make it for me and my wife, it is best to err on the side of consistently good.  When just for me (she is taking a hiatus from coffee), I am free to experiment and have had some good and not so good batches over time.  One rule is NO STARBUCKS by itself. I can usually blend it down to something palatable, but not on its own - without sugar and 1/2 & 1/2 - and I won't put sugar in my home coffee.

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