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Did I overstep my boundary lines?


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I decided to take the kids out to lunch, as we were sitting there a group of chicks were smack about some other chick boyfriend/fiance. I was getting tired of it quickly when they changed to topic to feminist chatter. One chick said she was glad to see a guy bringing food to the table, but made a bet there were no women in the kitchen cooking food. This was the time we were leaving and i spoke up asnd said

"Im betting there are ladies in the kitchen barefoot and pregnet making food... Thats where a good woman belongs."

I refused to make eye contact with the heffer after that as we were walking out.

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You're gonna get yourself arrested for a hate crime doing shit like that.


Who would have been at fault.. The woman starting it by putting men down or the man who finished it.. She and her friends were more abusive to the guy working there , to the point he never came back to their table and sent a lady to finish serving them.

I do have to say that they never said a word to me as I was leaving the place

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