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A bit of information about Miles City


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I really liked Miles City. The coffee shop was wonderful, and the people we met there were kind folk.... But there was this one farmer guy... He was nice enough to let me, the wife, and kids run around his place playing with his critters! He even took time to show us around different places, and even took us to dinner... :)

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According to the screen on the back of the seat in front of me, we flew right over Miles City on our way to Seattle.

Yep. We did too on a East to West cross country flight last year.

And the boy of my best friend is now a policeman in Miles City.

All roads lead to MC?

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Just a hop, skip, and a jump west on I94.  2 right turns from my house and I can be in Miles City.

Thanks for sharing those links Sheep_Herder .

So many places I'd love to visit. If only they didn't involve sitting immobile in an aluminum tube with a bunch of mouth-breathing, windowlickers.

When are they going to perfect that "beaming" thing?


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