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Wonderful Wednesday


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I'm cleaning the oven (I hit the "clean" button). I'm going to launder a couple loads of beach towels from Monday's get together. I'll probably take a rear tire off my car and try to find out why it's losing air. It's a cold cloudy day so I'm going to try to get some stuff done that I put off when it's nice and I'd rather play. I'm experiencing some soreness in my legs from yesterday's yogurt class. (I don't think legs were meant to do that). I might hop on the zero turn and give the lawn a haircut. Calling for more rain by two pm so I might not get to the lawn.

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Well, Wo2 is going to get her driver's license renewed. I guess not having any valid ID, not being able to cash a check last week and not being able to replace her phone (that she ran over with her mother's van) has finally inconvenienced her enough to go, I mean, it's only been since October. Maybe she'll get the tag renewed on her car while she's out, I mean, it's only been since April.

But I still have to be at the house when AT&T gets there with her phone, "just in case".

Got a lot going on at work, coming into shutdown season (they refuse to tell me what assets will be needed where until the week before they're needed); we have a big project in Florida (current projection for Irma take it east of the site) and a shop & site work in the Savannah area (which could be east of the storm as it travels north); we have a false WC claim working its way through the OCIP system, what a PITA; fighting with one site to get all their equipment operators trained (because, you know, safety first).

I need to buy a winning lottery ticket.

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