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3D printing again


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I've spent much more time on modeling and prototyping the last few months on the software side of things instead of printing. EMS-USA is a company in the Tampa area that I've been following closely and at the campus they were going to be at our Xlabs, a university design lab with all kinds of design toys, for a weekend information session.

I arranged it with on of my professors to show off the coding and other work we've been doing in the lab as well. Part of it is to show the 3D scanning software we are working on. I designed the surface and phone mounting brackets, it's smartphone capable, and wrote quite a bit of the program. 

To cap everything off I scanned, modeled and printed several examples. Which I was in luck I had a 1/4 spool of old PLA about to go-to pot so I printed these off today as part of the event.

These are today's prints, straight off the glass. Quite a bit of artifacts but that's expected from old material. I'll clean these up tomorrow. The presentation is next weekend. I'm hoping I can turn this into a job interview.



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43 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:


Do they come in red?

I have material in about 7 colors including a ptle with 40% wood powder. After it prints it sands and stains remarkably well. Most of the models like this for hobby are smoothed, filled and painted. 

Prototype materials usually don't matter the color except to show different parts and eventual material to be used. I.e. red for steel, yellow for aluminum...


The actual STL file looks a little different


And they can have fun stuff attached.




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