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I bet Krazy's beard smells like vomit and 8 day old shrimp carcasses


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6 hours ago, Randomguy said:

When you have a beard, you have no more use for napkins

Using a napkin to clean up spills and other gunk from your beard is useless.  It just pushes the spillage material into your beard instead of removing it.  A small beard comb is much more effective at removing foreign and unwanted beard contaminants.  Sometimes, it is best to wait for the spillage to dry before trying to remove it with a comb.  

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My dawg, people, who would say such an unkind thing about the beard of our Krazy?  Really, shame on us all if we can't appreciate the myriad smells and older foodstuffs stuck in the beards of the amish, mennonites, and hipsters amongst us!

I am shocked he didn't come to this thread with corrective flamethrowing statements and am deeply saddened by this. :(

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