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Talking farts still makes you laugh in your 90's....


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So...one of my residents had this same tummy thing I did...and about the same time.  She has come to my office each morning to see how I am doing...Monday, I was still a bit pale...but otherwise...I am pretty good..Although as I told her Wednesday...my tummy is a bit rumbly, all the time....I said lots of burps...and she chimed in with "and farts....lots of farts" and then she made funny faces...and started laughing :D   :dontknow: I guess we just can't say fart and not laugh..... (If I had been saying it I probably would have used the less humorous term....gas :whistle:)  Anyway....I expect her in my office for an update this morning...and a laugh.....we are both hoping this leftover side effect goes away soon...

So far, out of 250 people...there are about a half dozen folks who have had this in the last 2 weeks....We continue to wipe down with bleach as part of our cleaning...and yesterday...I reminded people to stay in their apartments when they are sick!

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