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Do you utilize dogs in the precleaning process?

Random Ungulate

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9 minutes ago, Razors Edge said:

My dog is more in the pre-vacuuming process. She is a whiz at crumb removal - unless the crumbs are from fruits or veggies, but I don't think those really produce crumbs.

Dogs are like glorious Easter pastel peanut m&m’s, are they white chocolate, milk chocolate, or peanut butter inside?  

We will never know. 


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Yes, and Lad enjoys the chore.  While my wife was gone I let him clean up a plastic takeout container, and then I just left it on the floor for several day.  Seems like he worked on it for several days, even after it was cleaned after the first attempt.  However, each day I would find it had moved around the floor a bit.?

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No. On Easter Jake, now 85 lbs, was going crazy as a houseful of people walked past him with ham, bacon, sausage, pie, etc.  After everyone was pretty much done eating, I led him to an empty corner of the kitchen and slipped him a big treat - on a paper plate.

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