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Automatic Sperm Extractor


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SW's net nanny wouldn't let me post what I wanted to post so Pokey doesn't have anything to post here and I really find depressing that I couldn't be all smart azzy about an ASE without being censored even thouight no naughty bits were exposed much but it's all good 'cause SW has a great froum and I really like his dry wit that no one else seems to understand as it goes over the heads of most of the posters who don't pay attention or actually read what he posts until someone else says "I see what you did there" then there is a collective head smack of understanding but the other posters won't give credit where credit is due probably cause their credit rateing is in the low 400's and what about the hygenic thing with the ASE mechanical SS's?

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I have no choice but to be a Blackhawks fan. Look at the rest of Chicagos teams. They all basically suck...either straight out suck or suck in the playoffs.


Plus, Dad had season tickets. Good memories there...Bobby Hull, Glenn Hall, Stan Makita and so on.

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