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Well, it is Texas..


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45 minutes ago, KrAzY said:

Austin is not weird.. They are stoned. 

I agree that Austin is not weird.  “Keep Portland weird” was another t-shirt of silliness when I lived there.  

Places purported to be weird almost never are, or haven’t been in decades since before they fashionable.   Weirdness doesn’t even happen here often, and when it does, it is usually a forced weirdness or an occasion to bring forward an “accepted” weirdness.

It is too expensive for weird people to be in most established places, I feel.   Real weirdness happens in Florida, where the people are too stupid to have true awareness of societal norms. 

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8 minutes ago, KrAzY said:

I thought "Bless Your Heart" was for just saying before you offended someone by telling them they are partly stupid

Well Bless Your Pea Pickin' lil' ol' heart!  If you just aren't the cutest little thing!

Texan for Screw You, did you mother have any kids that lived?

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Unfortunately, you can find people with such a lack of knowledge everywhere.

I taught gifted and talented high school students right up to Seniors, and I could lay a b.s. story on them and have them believe it because their general knowledge sucked. And I mean a WHOLE class at a time!

I once had a whole bunch believing- until they looked it up after class - that Annie Oakley, married name Annie Douglas, was actually the first woman elected President. But she never served because the Civil War was breaking out, it was thought by the backward thinkers in that era that a man was needed in the White House, so they held another election in the loyal states only and we got Abraham Lincoln because he won the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, which you kids all heard of, right?  Of course, Annie was never a Douglas and it was Lincoln who lost the Lincoln-Douglas debates running for the U.S. Senate.

These kids has studied American History a year or two earlier!

Some stuff was semi-plausible. We had a biology teacher whose last name was Roman and who resembled Newman on Seinfeld. I had half the school believing that Roman had been a mailman before he became a teacher and knew Jerry Seinfeld, so when Jerry set up the characters in his TV show, Seinfeld wanted to include Roman, but knew he couldn't use his actual name - he needed a new name, so "Roman" became "Newman" and he found an actor that resembled Roman.

I told a couple classes, thinking they knew I was joking. Maybe they did and just told idiots they knew would buy it and it spread through the school like wildfire.  For weeks, Roman would be walking down the halls with kids calling out to him, "Newman!"

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