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Bigwood Nate Posts an Untennable Postion


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shocker,...I know, but hey I'm not one for half measures


If you are going to take a position, you don't want to pussy-foot around. You can't be worried about what everybody else is going to think.


That's for high-toppers and yea-hoos....you know, city folk


hell no, I'm going to go out on a limb and saw the damn thing off!


I'm going to rant away like nobody's business


At the end of the day its the fight in the dog not the dog in the fight right?


So there you are then. I'm taking  a stand for America. All real Americans love to stand up for what they believe in. Its only those fair weather countrymen of ours that only stand up when they think everybody agrees with them. A lot like the Democrats.


Anyway, I digress.


So that's how I feel about it and that's where I'm a plantin my flag


I got the battery on my shoulder


so you bums try and knock it off


I double dog dare you

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