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The Airing of Grievances thread

Road Runner

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I'll start.   


Kzoo is consistently mean to me.   


Cheese ignores my posts.    


Krazy knows better but just doesn't care.   


jsharr sucks.   


DH is more of a man than I am.   


And Square Wheels is, well, Square Wheels.  





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I enjoy the majority of your posts. Everything is relative. Sometimes the choice is very slim like choosing between a Krazy thread or a RR post.

Those days make me sad and reach for a moonpie.

Sometimes I have to add another moonpie.


So you are saying my threads are filled with sadness and depression? so it makes you grab food???


I hope you get fat enough where you can not clime out your new windows when a snake enters your house... :(

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Oh, yeah, I am also pissed off that Nate and Charlie Burgh never came back.  They suck even more than jsharr.   :(

Impossible to suck more than Jsharr.

Nate will return on his sleigh Christmas Eve bringing good cheer and presents to all who believe.

You'll see.
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