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Full Face Sunday


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Great day.  So fun.


Did a bunch of short shuttles with the final one having a climb to Bull Gap.  It was so fun. I was really movin today.  Kept close pace with the Boys. I had two crashes today. The first was significantly more impressive than the second.  My buddy almost ran me over.  I crashed right in front of him.  I turned up the speed in this corner and washed out my frost tire in the pine needles. He said at the bottom.


The full face proved it's worth today.  Worst part of the day was the scratches in my goggles.  There was some bloodshed, but skin heals.  I don't like destroying gear.


After I crashed, my helmet visor was all crooked like.  My buddy was laughing at me. I need to straighten and re-adjust it, before next ride.   :D


The nurse has his work cut out for him today. I am somewhat banged up.   :whistle:

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