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Lately I have decided that Office Space might someday pass Airplane! or Caddyshack or Blazing Saddles as the greatest movie ever. But I wonder if Mike Judge will ever top it?

Philander Seabury

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... despite its glorification of violence against printers and salami slicing and burning buildings down by psychopaths.

It would be interesting to see if it has been rising in the rankings lately.  Certainly if you go by airplay, it is dang popular!

Sadly, Idiocracy was idiocratic and quite disappointing. :(  But I read that Mike has done a new show based on current startup and dot com culture that might be pretty good. 

Thoughts?  Mike's achievement seems impressive to me, since both Airplane! and Caddyshack were borne out of collaboration, basically a bunch of clowns riffing off each other. :)  And actually, we got that going for us. :D  Which is nice.

I have also decided I HAVE to view the Extra Flair edition of Office Space.  And while I am at it to see if there is one for Blazing Saddles or Dracula: Dead and Loving It.  I LOVED the director's commentaries for Caddyshack and Airplane! 

Maybe I need to see if there is a movie quote forum. :D

Rolling Stone has it in the top 25 anyway.





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Office Space was great. But, I doubt it will ever pass Blazing Saddles, unless the PC crowd has Mel shot for being insensetive to everyone.


Where the hell is the spell check?

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I've never seen either. 


Airplane and Airplane II are really good.  Just great slapstick style comedy.  My kids just laugh and laugh when they are on.  Blazing Saddles is good, but IMO about halfway through it just gets a little ridiculous.  When they are fighting and going around between different sets is when I lose interest.  But the beginning is hilarious.  I lose it every time Mongo punches the horse. 

Caddyshack is probably my all time fav of this style of comedy.  Though Airplane is a very close second.  Bill Murray is just comic genius in this flick.  "Cinderella story", I lose it every time.

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​I cannot argue with you.  I have never seen Office Space. 

​you need to see it, and also watch "1 million ways to die in the west" (it is very not kid friendly because of language!)

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