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Tis the season


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My seasonal allergies are firing up big time...

Do you have them?  Spring? Fall or like me...both seasons?

I hate stuff that makes me drowsy...so I usually take Claritin ..right now I take it at night and then use a nasal steroid in the AM...but if this keeps up I will move the Claritin to AM and take a benedryll at night...I also try to take a day or two off during the week from the nasal stuff..it can be hard on the ol nose...

I will have this now until we get a hard frost....and I mean hard..

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LOL dotman...I didn't bring it to South Africa...and I needed it...at least the Claritin...I thought I could get by..but no way..my girlfriend had some stuff but it didn't last 24 hours (not that the Claritin does)..Anyway it was also making me drowsy...So yeah...don't worry the Claritin is coming with...and the nose stuff...

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