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Wed Milers............1/4/17

Mr. Beanz

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 18 miles and 1500 ft of gain.  Looked like rain, smelled like rain, but didn't rain! :D Rain in the forecast the rest of the week so tonight was the best chance to ride during the week Gina says. maybe she's trying to get rid of me! Nah, she went to LA to visit a person in the hospital.

Cool night, 56 average, 53 low so not much variance. I did hit about 13 ft then noticed I was close to 1500 so I rolled down the 10% ramp a couple more times then climbed back up to get a lil extra. :P

Now to cook dinner, a bit late at 8 pm but better late than never!


 Night selfie! :lol:


Lights in the dark


with the aid of streetlights, not that bad.


the chart

0elevation chart.JPG

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12 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

You are not going to get a lot of people posting miles today. I went out to bring in some firewood and could hardly see through the whiteout conditions to get to the woodshed. Maybe Smudge got some miles in on her fatty.:speedy:

I figured that! I like to post up anyway so that you guys can see what you're missing! :D

Actually very interesting to see them snow bike pics. B)

We're lucky, I can go out riding at night, then come home and BBQ my dinner in the Winter. :P

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