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Need a fill in for going to Superbowl 2017!

Square Wheels

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2 minutes ago, Square Wheels said:

Afterward I thought (story of my life) I should have used these instead:

:humping::humping::humping::humping:       :humping::humping:     :humping::humping::humping::humping:      :humping::humping::humping::humping::humping:!!!

When run through the SW Thread Interrupter......... Kzoo is just great!!!


Thanks.  I appreciate you too.

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1 minute ago, Square Wheels said:

Again, jealousy does not suit you.  You had your chance, we took it away from you.

The Patriots, Steelers, Falcons, or Packers.  Any normal human being familiar with the NFL understands there's nothing to see there.

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1 minute ago, parodybot said:


That sounds about right.  But it's not saying much.  We all love jsharr... especially when his Cowtoys are going down the drain.

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