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Bald Beavers

Road Runner

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Have you seen them? Are there many in your location?

A program just mentioned they are making a come back....LOL they have been on the increase here for years...


They are pretty common around here...If I commute via River Road...I probably see at  least 1 a day..   :)

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6 hours ago, Road Runner said:

I was the genius who came up with this genius parody.  I get two likes.  :mellow:

Wilbur grades me on my genius, and he gets four 4 likes.  :huh:

Can you people suck up to Wilbur without making it so damned obvious?  Thank you.  :angry:

OK, I realised the error of my ways and went back and gave you a pity like. :)

In my defense though, I dedicated a whole post to complimenting you.

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