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5 minutes ago, Parr8hed said:

So apparently USA cycling website has rankings/results, etc.  Yesterday I looked and he was at 32 in the nation out of like 408 that had a yearly license.  That's pretty cool.  One more race to go in his series before Nats NEXT weekend.  His changes look good for this weekend.  A good showing may put him on the podium for his series, which is one of his goals.  It would also help bump him up a little in Nats standings.  As it stands now I think he is call-up number 23 for the nats race (out of a field of like 90!)  That's pretty dope.  His goal is top 15 at Nats, and podium on of his OVCX races (which he's done) and to podium in the OVCX series.  It all comes down to these last two races.


He was pretty damn excited. 

Like tears excited or a cuss word may have slipped out excited?

That is incredible that he is in the top 15% in the nation!  Way to go G Man and parents for supporting him.

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