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Annapolis got 5.7" and BWI Airport got 2.7".  My yard must have gotten 3" - 5" and was too wet today to finish lawn mowing 10"-15" stuff with long strands of weed whacked stuff lying at the bottom to be mulched up. No wind damaged I've noticed anywhere in my end of the county.  It "feels like 94°" today and that helped me decide I'll do it one of the next 3 days (highs of 83°, 85°, and 87°) when there's a long enough break in the forecast thunderstorms.

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4 hours ago, Kzoo said:

Looks like typical clamp thread.


The original trapezoidal thread form, and still probably the one most commonly encountered worldwide, with a 29° thread angle, is the Acme thread form (/ˈækm/ AK-mee). The Acme thread was developed in 1894 as a profile well suited to power screws that has various advantages over the square thread,[note 1] which had been the form of choice until then. It is easier to cut with either single-point threading or die than the square thread is (because the latter's shape requires tool bit or die tooth geometry that is poorly suited to cutting). It wears better than a square thread (because the wear can be compensated for) and is stronger than a comparably sized square thread. It allows smoother engagement of the half nuts on a lathe leadscrew than a square thread.[2][3] Although being one of the strongest symmetric thread profiles, for loads in only one direction such as vises the asymmetric buttress thread profile can bear greater loads.

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