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Gatorback (Expert - 2 black diamonds)

The sign at the other end of that bridge prohibited hiking on the trail. Just had to check around the bend...and ready to jump off the trail, but where? Duck behind a tree on left perhaps as bank was too steep to climb for clearance.  Another sign warned of gators in the water so turned around.


Alifia River SP - 1500px-1.JPG

Alifia River SP - 1500px-2.JPG

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A little history. This was initially a phosphate mine, abandoned well before the State passed a law that required mine to re-claim the land. The State developed it into a State Park. I still have 2 day outing I need to accomplish, and one loop is to the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings 'cracker' home closer to Ocala is near Santos in the Ocala National Forest, arguably the #1 mountain bike destination.


Alifia River SP - 1500px-16.JPG

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1 minute ago, jsharr said:

Do you get extra points if you bunny hop a gator?

Nah...That's basic training.:speedy:

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I have ridden there once.  Sort of a one trick pony with the punch climbs and steep roller drops off the other side.  Still, very interesting for a RIer to ride with that kind of flora/fauna.  

I did see a gator in the water, but not on the trail itself


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