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I didn't see a '63 Split Window


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My neighbor had a 63 split window vette, and an Avanti sitting in the driveway for years. I can't begin to remember how many times we crashed our bikes into them, or bounced a basketball off them.

If I ever win a big lottery, an Avanti will be the third car that I buy. A 1962 Studebaker Hawk GT will be the first.

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The colletction was made for a  contest done by MTV or VH1 back in the day.  It was given away and then  along came artist Peter Max.  Peter Max bought the collection from the winner and then it sat and did nothing other than gather dust and get moved from warehouse to warehouse.  Now it has been sold and Max is in hot water for not paying the agents their commission.  




The 1963 could be a convertible, hence no split window.


I have looked for a list of the vettes in the collection, but have not found one.

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