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It's all fun & games until you see water squrting out of the floor


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Trying to figure out how to sanitize and drain my fresh water tank.  There is an access panel under the sink that hides a valve that needs to be opened to drain the tank.  Got everything done and turned water pump on.  There was a small hole in the floor where the access panel was screwed down.  When suddenly up from the floor came a bubblin' crude.  Or actually water.  Someone had replaced the panel once upon a time and drilled right into a water line.  Fuck.


So instead of riding today I got to do this in order to go camping with the rugrats tonight.  Fortunately it's under the sink in a cabinet.










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Your need to sharpen your chisel.


While you are probably right, it was the angle that should take the credit for that hack job.  It was under the sink, in a cabinet.  Hard to get to it. 

How was the camping trip?  

I just posted another thread about the maiden voyage.

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