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News from Ohio

Old No. 7

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Our house in Ohio went on the market Jan 1 via Zillow. We've had a lot of views and saves since then. A realtor brought a family by to look at the house yesterday. Two 'rents, six kids with another on the way. They really want to move into our neighborhood and have narrowed their choices to two homes. Ours at $420,000 (3,700 sf, four beds, 3.5 baths on half acre) or the other entrance at $489,900 (5,100 sf, five beds, 4.5 baths on one acre).

We also received a call from someone else who's interested.

Robert-the-Jedi (RtJ) took LAJ to urgent care yesterday, he'd been sick for too long. RtJ talked to LAJ's boss about health insurance and learned that LAJ had been calling in and leaving early for a few weeks. Urgent care sent them to the local hospital where LAJ was admitted last night. his blood sugar was way off. Wo7 spent the night at the hospital with her brother. The hospital will do more testing. He's a diabetic with stage 4 chronic kidney disease and thinks the best remedy is to eat fast food, sit around and not go to the doctor for regular checkups. 


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On 1/15/2017 at 9:26 AM, Ralph T. Mooseknuckle said:

So Parr8, how is the new professional life?

It's not bad.  Very low stress compared to the last gig.  Still stressful but in different ways.  I enjoy being home at night and I love camping just about every weekend in the summer/fall.

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