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Anyone want to give me a little feedback?


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1 hour ago, Old#7 said:

UB, I thought it was well written and presented a realistic perspective of the narrator's experience. The story used several elements from the narrator's life to bring the hospital events together. Very well done.

Thanks. It's just such a departure from what I usually write. I want to use it as a giveaway piece to get email subscribers, but I'm still a little afraid to put it out there in the world. I figured I'd just dip my toes in the water here first to see what guys thought.

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17 minutes ago, Kzoo said:

Nice short story.  The first person was well done.  I would not be apprehensive about putting that out if I were you.  I'm assuming that you have bounced this off those in your writer's circle?


Yeah, I did. They liked it as well. I guess I'm just need to get over the fear and do it.

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