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Took Nixie on a 4hr hike and


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met a very nice old chap along the way..... we did most of the hike together, it was actually nice to have someone to chat to and he taught me a lot about the geology of the area.  


Nixie found a porcupine :0 but thankfully she ran back to me when I called her, so no quills.  Soon after she started sniffing around a little hole and moved on, but I paused to see what she was sniffing and then saw movement under some leave.... next thing a big black snake comes slithering out, I shrieked and embarrassed myself :blush: the old man laughed about how since the beginning of time women have been frightened by snakes :angry:


Nixie is now limping  :( there was a lot of climbing and she tears around like a fool dog.  She just ate dinner and has now passed out!

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Yay.  Good story.  Is she walking better today?

Yes, she is fine today  :nod head:


I was going to rest this afternoon..... go to a local waterfall and read a book in the shade, but now my Gman is begging me to go ride with him...

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