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I cut back on my sports radio listening as it gets really annoying.  They sports media also likes to create stories that may or may not exist and argue them for days. Then when it doesn’t happen they pick a new false narrative and argue it to death...

Guys like Stephen A, Max Kellerman, Skip & Shannon, can’t do it.

The LA sports media pretty much confirmed Laker Kyle Kuzma will be traded at the trade deadline. Argued for weeks how various trades will help/hurt the Lakers. It was a done deal until it wasn’t, he’s still a Laker... 

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I used to enjoy Mike and Mike.  Mostly sane, intelligent talk and balanced between athlete and commentator.  The replacement, Golic and Golic and Wingo, sucks!  Just like Maxx says, lots of bravado, yelling and crappola.  Sad.

We have something even worse, called, The Sports Junkies, which comes from the Washington DC area.  I don't give a shit about Washington teams, but they hardly ever talk about sports anyway.  They go off on rants about everything else but sports and they are total idiots, discoursing on subjects they know nothing about.  Four guys, all talking at once and you can't figure out who is saying what.  Their voices sound very similar.  Why our local sports radio station down here in SE VA put these guys on the air is a complete mystery to me.

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38 minutes ago, maddmaxx said:

When did sports talk become 3 people shouting over each other and attempting to speak louder than anyone else.  Maybe political forums aren't so bad after all.

I only watch if I’m at happy hour and it’s on the TV on mute. That’s the best way to take their hot takes: with a beer and no volume.

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