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3 hours ago, petitepedal said:

Tomato Soup and a home made greek chicken wrap..overfilled so it was very mess and did not stay wrapped 

An open-faced Greek wrap sounds good.  Every time I think of an open-faced Greek sandwich I think:

In 1996, my companion Phyllis and I were roaming through the off-the-beaten-tourist-track area of the Plaka, the main local shopping district in Athens, Greece, and stumbled on a restaurant with outdoor seating next to a church.  The waitress couldn't speak English, the menu was in Greek letters, and we didn't know what to say except "Gyros!" and point to a picture of beer.  But, before the waitress could leave, Phyllis's eyes opened wide as she looked over my shoulder at the next table. She pointed at the food and said, "We want THAT!"  We had no idea what it was called, but it looked great so we got it.

At that next table was a group of Germans who were having a good laugh at our placing of our order, then told us in English they were eating Souvlaki, which I thought was pork and served on skewers, but they had ordered a variation: lamb souvlaki served on an open-faced, lightly toasted pita.  It was huge, filling a dinner plate, and fantastic and cost something like $5 each including the beer!

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