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That one time when everything you thought you knew was wrong


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1 hour ago, Scrapr said:

His one word reply at the end is priceless. He thought he was done but now has many more hours of work to do. Understated but realizing that dog is a handful. I imagine this happens on the regular at @Airehead Acres

No, the doggies just go out the open doors, no need to jump a fence.

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My brother's beagle is a real escape artiste.  I guess beagles were not meant to be contained.  Our childhood pet beagle would regularly escape and we got reports of her miles away sometimes. :D  At my grandparents house we had one that acted like a feral cat, made the rounds of people that thought he was theirs and would feed him.  We named him Rover. :D  He was a little pudgy.



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15 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:


"Thus, the character of Stella fulfills two basic functions. She is deeply involved in the battle between her sister and her husband. She is torn between the two factions unmercifully. But she is also the only one who can attempt to bridge the gap between these two arch enemies and all that they represent. She certainly does have some thoughts independent of the dynamic forces in her home; however, on the whole, she maintains a passive role."


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My sister had a male Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Bailey, the same breed as "Lady" from "Lady and the Tramp."

As he was getting older, my sister was getting angry that he didn't listen to her anymore.

Her back yard was not fenced at the front and one day Bailey started heading toward the front yard and street.  I called and called as I ran after him from deep in the back yard.

I caught up with him and he was very startled when I came into his view!

Immediately, I realized the problem: deafness!

She had the backyard completely fenced in.  Bailey lived a few more years and monitored the family's second dog's movements as a substitute for hearing.

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