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We were very lucky in Central Maryland: 5" of rain for several hours but high winds for only a couple hours and few downed trees/broken power lines.

In August 2011 we got a lot of rain and wind and I was without power for 3 days.  I learned my refrigerator would stay cold for three days if I rarely opened it.  It was August so I didn't need heat.  My gas range worked and tap water worked so I was able to eat and drink.  I had a battery, emergency TV and battery-powered lamp and watched a little TV and read books a little.

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1 hour ago, Bikeguy said:

They are making some progress.   283K is still a lot of problems.     (not sure if there are other electric utilities in CT)    https://outagemap.eversource.com/external/default.html


Hmmm.  I am embarrassed to say that once my power came back on I stopped worrying about the rest of the state.  I was out yesterday getting stuff to refill my fridge and there are places that look like a bomb went off and other places where folks are wondering what all the fuss was about.

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