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small world..he spoke highly of my mom


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That's always great. My dad worked in a large manufacturing plant for 30 years. I often have clients who retired from there. My dad's name was Ben. Gentle Ben was on TV when he started so the nickname stuck. Eventually it morphed into The Bear. He was definitely gruff, but likable once you got to know him. I would ask the retired clients if they knew my dad, Ben XXX.  Well, the name does sound familiar... Gentle Ben? The Bear? "The Bear? Oh my, yes!" After that, everyone would have a story about him!

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36 minutes ago, Philander Seabury said:

When I worked a night shift early in my career, an old gruff bald big guy took a liking to me.  His nickname was The Bear.  Usually "the effing bear". 

After my dad grew his beard in the 70s and gained some weight, he was that guy. 

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